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Tuesday, October 24, 2023


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It’s perfectly reasonable to be nervous about an event that you’re unsure of, that might be out of your usual wheelhouse, or that expects you to perform in some way. All of those avenues can combine into one when referring to your prom. After all, a large-scale celebration filled with members of your peer group dressing their best and arriving in style doesn’t always feel like something we have experience in, especially at a younger age.

Nerves are absolutely normal. But remember that you’re about to have a wonderful time, and you get to do so on your own terms. Moreover, if the nerves turn into chronic anxiety, you can always reach out for help, while some turn to certain helpers like herbal supplements such as valerian root for the management of mild anxiety symptoms, at least for one evening. However, make certain to speak with your physician before taking actions like this.

In this post, we’d prefer to give you advice for reducing that sense of worry and nervousness through practical and helpful tips you can follow. Let’s get started then:

You Define Who You Go With

Proms are often tied to the idea of a date, most often from your peer group of course. Now, a prom date doesn’t have to be someone you’re actually romantically involved with, it can be a friend, an acquaintance, or someone you appreciate. Moreover, you don’t even have to go on a date if you’d prefer to go alone or go in with a whole friend group.

Proms can sometimes seem too bound to the conventional social hierarchy of who might be connected to whom, but there’s no need to limit yourself to that, nor will everyone follow it. In fact, if this is a primary source of your nerves, remember that you get to define who you attend with, and who you spend your time near. You have nothing to prove to anyone, just enjoy yourself with the fun time ahead of you. It can make a great deal of difference to how you approach the event.

You Get To Express Your Best Style

You’ll also find that many proms are a fantastic excuse to dress up and have fun. Having your outfit selected from a range of prom dresses and coats beforehand means you don’t have to worry about how you look. You can also plan out having your hair and nails done, or perhaps makeup worked on by a private service, helping you feel your best and nail the kind of style you’d like to show.

Remember that schools or colleges rarely have hard and fast rules as long as you wear formal dress. So for example, if you’d prefer to wear a cultural dress more authentic to your ethnicity, that can add a wonderful sense of diversity to the occasion, and many others will be doing the same thing. The prom is a fun justification to express yourself, so don’t feel like you have to ask for permission to do so.

When you have this planned out and are confident in your choice, the nerves surrounding the event can fall away more easily.

Enjoy The Itinerary

It’s also worth enjoying the itinerary of the event itself. Luckily, your school and prom committee will have organized the entire event for you, and all you have to do is attend and enjoy yourself.

That might involve selecting from a pre-arranged catered meal, dancing in a specific area and hall, and spending time talking in the informal areas. There may be speeches, awards, and other segments on the schedule, and knowing which room to be in at what time can be helpful. 

When you’re nervous about an event, it often means you’re unsure what to expect. In this context, you know exactly how the event will go, and for that reason, you can just follow whatever is set out to soothe those nerves more easily.

Prepare & Self-Care In Advance

Self-care is a wonderful practice before a big event. A week before the event, you can focus on going to bed at the same time and getting good sleep, so that the night before nerves won’t keep you up as easily. Feeling fully rested the next day can do wonders for your emotional health.

In addition, you may take a long soak in the bath before getting dressed for the event, exercise to help deal with your nerves through physical expression, and perhaps meditate a little. These practices, put together, will work wonders for your sense of comfort.

With this advice, we’re sure that you’ll soothe those nerves before prom, and enjoy a fantastic event to cap off your college or school year.

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