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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Body Jewelry

I am a big earrings girl. I need to wear earrings every day. I got my ears pierced when I was a little girl. I got a second piercing when I was 13, but I took those earrings out a long long time ago. As additional piercings are getting more popular, I recently went to a piercing party and re-pierced my second piercing again. It is still in the healing stage so I haven't been able to change them to other fun earrings. I am excited for that soon. I am pretty sure that is all the piercings I need.

Body jewelry isn’t for everyone. Some might limit themselves to just one or two piercings on their ears, while others will experiment with piercings on their face and all over their body.

There are many areas of the body that can now be pierced, some more painful and intimate than others. While they might not be as permanent as a tattoo, they can still be pricey, and painful and leave scars once healed.

So how do you choose the right body jewelry for you? It’s important to be selective about what you choose and how you go about getting the body piercing so that it suits you and is done successfully. Here’s how to choose body jewelry for the first time.

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Use AR apps to try out different piercings

When it comes to trying out different piercings, think about using the technology we have today when it comes to AR (augmented reality). There are lots of apps and filters on social media platforms that you can use to see different piercings on your body, particularly when it comes to facial piercings.

It’s a very privileged position to be in when you can explore piercings for your body and not need to worry about having to go through with them if you don’t want to.

With that being said, do give these filters and apps a go, to get an idea of how these bodily piercings actually look on your body.

Know what budget you have available

It’s important to be aware of what budget you have available when it comes to shopping for body piercings. They can vary depending on the type of piercing and who you opt to get the piercing from. For example, here are a few guidelines on pricing when it comes to bodily piercings:

Body piercings for earlobes, cheek or ear cartilage - $20 to $55

Body piercings for the eyebrow, navel, nose, or nipple - $30 to $65

Body piercings for piercings above the lip, and surface of the body - $40 - $85

Of course, this is just for the piercing itself, not for any of the jewelry that you might pick for the piercing. This is something to factor in, especially as the jewelry can often have high price points depending on the materials used.

You’ve also got a great selection of jewelry to pick from, like this wide selection of eyebrow jewelry for example.

Trial out more tame body piercings first

Body piercings are no easy feat, especially if you’re someone who has a fairly low pain threshold. It’s therefore useful to be aware of what body piercings you should try out first. For example, earlobes are likely to least painful, and then there are others that might be significantly more painful.

Building up your pain tolerance with piercings is likely a better option than going straight in with a piercing that’s notoriously painful to have.

Choose a reputable and qualified piercer

When it comes to getting a body piercing, it’s similar to that of a tattoo in that you want it to be done properly. While it’s only a piercing, it can often be done wrong if the person doing the piercing is not qualified or knows how to pierce correctly.

Not only that but if they’re not using the right equipment or going about sterilizing said equipment effectively then this could lead to some pretty nasty infections.

With that being said when you’re looking to get a body part pierced, make sure it’s with a reputable and qualified piercer.

Opt for the right materials when picking body piercings

The right materials are important when it comes to picking body piercings because you want to have high-quality materials going into your body after all. For example, most materials you’ll find that are suited for body piercings are surgical stainless steel. Make sure to look out for this feature in a piercing shop when you’re browsing the different piercings available.

There are other materials that are used, but it’s definitely worth doing some research to know what you should be going for and what you should be avoiding with a bargepole.

Be sure to know what aftercare is needed for each piercing

Finally, and this is important for any type of piercing you get on your body, make sure you know what type of aftercare is needed. Ensure you’ve got all the relevant aftercare information from the piercer and that you’ve got the stuff needed to keep your piercings clean and free of bacteria.

Getting a body piercing is fun but you want to take caution, especially when it comes to your first one!

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