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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Being a Mom While Being a Boss

Being a mom is a full time job, right? It’s something we used to believe in quite strongly. However, more and more moms are starting up their own businesses and running it in the hours their kids don’t need them. It’s a shift we’re quite happy to see! 

Yet, it’s still a struggle to fit it all in. If you’re currently thinking of balancing being a mom with being the boss, you’re facing an immense challenge right now. So, what can you do to save time, be present, and focus your attention when both work tasks and your kids need it? Here are the tips that might clinch the deal for you. 

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Schedule Both Sides of Life

You don’t have to be strict about the schedule, but you are going to need a schedule in both areas. Start from the time you wake up until the time the kids go to bed at night. Once they’ve brushed their teeth and been tucked into bed, that time is free and can be used however you like. 

And remember, no one would ask you to work beyond 9pm at night, so don’t ask yourself to do so either! Have a schedule until the moment it doesn’t matter anymore; this way your days will remain structured without ever being overwhelming. Remember, this takes some practice to get right. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Saying no is one of the best things you can do as a business owner. It’s true! Things are going to come into your inbox and sound like great opportunities, but when you look a little closely, the pay isn’t quite right or the client is a little on the demanding side

Don’t say yes to them just because you think you should. Say no, get back to the tasks that matter, and even reap the reward of a couple extra hours to yourself on the weekend! 

Clock Off at the End of the Day

You should have a hard line on when the work day ends. This means you can close down the computer, shut your work phone off (and yes, you should have one of those!), and get back to being a mom. You don’t want to be helping the kids with their homework while your mind is solely preoccupied with the best way to answer emails from prospective clients! 

So, when do you want to clock off? Maybe when it’s time to get the kids from school? Or maybe when it’s time to get dinner ready? Pick the best time for you, but make sure you pick a time! 

Have Workplace Policies From Day One

Workplace policies keep things running smoothly without need for shift-long oversight. From a clearly defined work attendance policy to nominating a proper workplace culture, think of it as setting ground rules. When people are told how they need to behave on day one, being the boss becomes far more intuitive. 

Plus, workplace policies aren’t just for employees, whether you’ve got just one or more than ten. They work to your benefit as well. Indeed, they help you to lead by example and ensure you’re not being a hypocrite about what you want from your team. That'll make you a much better boss in the long run! 

Don’t Convince Yourself You’re Not Good Enough

Even supermoms aren’t capable of everything. And when you’re trying to raise children as well as be the best boss on the market, you’re going to drop the ball here and there. You’re going to lose focus, and make mistakes; neither of these things make you bad at either end of the scale. 

You’re human, and you’re doing things very well considering how much of a workload you’ve got to deal with! So give yourself a break, and don’t convince yourself you’re not good enough. You’re trying to do two of the hardest things in the modern world, and you might even be crazy enough to be taking on them alone too! 

Being a mom and a boss of your own business at the same time can leave little to no time in the day. But does that mean none of it is worth it? Absolutely not! You can manage both, and while it might be a struggle, it’s something you can adapt to when you care about it. Keep the above ideas in mind for those days when you feel like nothing is quite going right and you’re not up to the task.

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