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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good-bye Summer...Hello Fall

I'm stealing this idea (almost word for word) from my cute friend Angie's blog. Fall hit with a boom today so this post is especially appropriate today.

Good-bye flip-flops...goodbye dirty feet...hello boots.
Good-bye BBQ dinners...hello baked pies and turkeys roasting in the oven.
Good-bye lawn mowing...hello raking leaves.
Good-bye bathing suits...hello cozy sweaters and that favorite pair of jeans...
Good-bye roasted marshmallows...hello candy apples...
Good-bye camping and summer festivals...hello scrapbooking, reading good books, and Christmas shopping!
Good-bye barefeet...hello warm socks and slippers.
Good-bye cool showers...hello bubble baths.
Good-bye air conditioners...hello crackling fireplaces.
Good-bye heat...hello crisp, fresh air.
Good-bye fresh-picked strawberries...hello crunchy, juicy apples.
Good-bye bug bites...hello dry skin.
Good-bye sunscreen...hello moisturizer.
Good-bye long days outside...hello early bedtimes!
Good-bye watering flowers...hello fall decorating.
Good-bye otter pops...hello pumpkin shakes and peppermint ice cream
Good-bye picnics...hello slow-cooking.
Good-bye lazy days of summer...hello cozy nights.
Good-bye pool days and biking and tennis and...

I love summer and always get depressed when fall starts coming because I know it inevitably means winter and snow. Angie's post got me a little excited for fall, and I am ready for a seasonal wardrobe change. Bring on the long sleeve tees and jeans. Hello Fall...


  1. oooo i love that photo. did you take it?

  2. Yes, bring on the fall!!! I've never experienced the fall in California...and so far it's not too different from summer. I need it to be at least a little cooler for Halloween or it will be weird!!!


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