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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Year of the Race

I thought I was all raced out after last summer, but I was wrong. This year has been a big race year for me. I keep thinking every summer that this is the last year, but I just can't get enough. Running with the running group has only motivated me to do more races.

I started out the race season with the traditional (and my favorite) Race for the Cure.

After that I was in serious race mode. About a month later Michelle and I did the Little Red Riding Hood century bike ride. We did the race last year and loved it. Unfortunately the weather was HORRIBLE this year. We had rain, sleet, hail, and major wind. We ended up getting a ride for about 20 miles right after lunch because it was pouring so hard. We rode the last 20 miles, and it was good to finish out the race. Despite the weather, Michelle and I still had a fun day.

2 weeks after the bike race, I, along with a team of 11 other people and 2 drivers, hopped in a van for 2 days to run from Logan to Park City in the Wasatch Back relay race. It sounds crazy, and it kind of was, but it was also tons of fun. I loved it so much I've already signed up a team for next year.

I kicked my biking into high gear (sort of) in July to get ready for the Spudman triathlon. I've spent a lot of time running this summer so I had to do a crash training to get ready. It was my first olympic tri and my best triathlon so far. I had goals for each of the events, and I was able to achieve my goals. I did realize that if I'm going to do more open water triathlons, I need to do some open water training.

I just finished out the race season (at least I think I am done for the season) with the Top of Utah marathon. I never thought I would do a marathon, and once I decided to do a marathon I thought it would be a one time thing. When people say races are addicting, it's true. I'm already looking for another marathon to do sometime in the future-hopefully somewhere outside of Utah.

This race season has been pretty good to me. My body has held up really well. I've had a lot of fun and made some great memories. Although I feel a little raced out, I'm already looking forward to the next race-whatever that might be.


  1. That is so awesome and amazing! You are a racing queen! It is so true- races are addicting. I think that is a big reason why I run.

  2. I'm so impressed... and jealous. I keep saying I will train, but then I remember that I like to watch tv. Congrats though!

  3. Yea! I'm so excited you have a blog now! You are amazing with all of the races you've been doing! Wow!!! Ben was going to run the Top of Utah Marathon, but ended up not doing it. He did run the Wasatch Back though and that might be something you might want to look into running-maybe you did it already...anyways, we are going to do it next year-hopefully. I would love to come and see you sometime with Payton! He is doing SO great! It would be fun to have you see the changes in him! What a miracle! Yea! Are you still there on Mondays all day? He has morning kindergarten everyday. Just let me know! It's good to hear from you!


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