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Saturday, October 1, 2011

BYU vs Utah State

The parentals are in town with another couple so we went to the BYU game last night. Co-worker Emily is a huge USU fan/BYU hater so it's been a fun week of trash talk. For most of the game (starting with a USU touchdown in the first 14 seconds) I thought we'd be getting payback this week. Somehow BYU got it together and scored 2 touchdowns at the last second. It was a beautiful night, intense game, good times with the parents, and it looks like Emily will be sporting BYU blue on Monday. Go Cougars!
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  1. Yes! I'm so glad they pulled out the victory on this one. I listened to half of it on the radio at work :) and most of the 2nd half on the radio in the car on my way home. I pulled into my parking space with one minute left in the game... ran upstairs and BOOM! Just in time to see that last play of the game. Loved it! :) go Cougs.

  2. Hey! I am SO glad you told me makes me happy! You are the 1st person we've told...but Cole started babbling tonight!!! I thought you might appreciate that :)


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