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Monday, October 3, 2011

October=Breast Cancer Awareness=No Sugar

october is breast cancer awareness month
co-worker michelle and i have been pretty good about not eating sugar
it's already 3 days into the month
cancer (especially breast caner) has hit a little too close to home the past couple years
this post from homemade grits

what do all these things have to do with anything???

i started reading this random blog (homemade grits) through some other random blog i read. i mostly love everything about it. she's pretty healthy and i love that. she posted this post the other day and i was immediately inspired. cancer has hit way too close to home for me the past several years between friends, family of friends, and others fighting, surviving, and losing battles with cancer. i'm mostly good about not eating sugar, but in support of breast cancer awareness month and the inspiration from lesley, i'm done with sugar for the rest of the month. who's with me??? (don't worry that it's practically oct. 4...start now) and you might even see me sporting a little more pink this month.


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