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Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 little random things

1. I am a day late with this post.

2. Laurann gave me cutest book of mini desserts. I was pretty happy to try it out for dinner group this week. I made these peaches and cream.

3. I'm currently obsessed with pom poms and Valentine's Day crafts

4. it's time to re-evaluate my blog and why in the world I even blog.

5. co-worker Emily's bday was Tuesday. We made treats and hung balloons from the ceiling. I've wanted to do that forever, and I loved it.

6. time off at work policy is changing so I'm trying to take off early when I can.

7. it finally snowed today. I was pretty happy it was a Saturday.

8. I saw a tutorial for making your on baker's twine so I did it. I think it turned out pretty well.

9. I miss fountain diet coke...a lot #spending freeze

10. still love my electric blanket

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  1. How come u wonder why u blog? I love reading your updates! I want to see that pom garland.. Cant wait :)!

  2. I love your randoms. And I love your blog. Why do any of us blog really?

  3. cutest post ever!!! You blog for you...:) And I'm so glad I get to live with your craftiness aka all the cute decorations you make for our house!

  4. I agree with every last comment. . .I L.O.V.E reading your blog!!!


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