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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

In general I LOVE holidays, but it's no secret that NYE is not my favorite. Combine that with the stomach flu, and I was less than excited this year. Kim and Mark invited a few of us over for a low key fondue party. It was pretty fun, but NYE 2011 did = partying with the marrieds and coming home at 10:00. I sat on my couch to ring in the new year. Stay tuned for a look back at 2011 and sneak peek at 2012.

I die a little every time someone posts an instagram pic. Why is it exclusive to apple? Aubry found this app that's comparable. I had to use it right away.

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  1. I agree about instagram! I want an iPhone for that reason alone. Although soon I'll want an iPad haha


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