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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

days 11-15

day 11. something that makes me smile. bowling with the little tykes. granny shot.

day 12. inside my closet. yikes

day 13. blue. gender reveal cake for church friend lindsey. baby burton is a boy.

day 14. heart. thank you hairdresser on fire.

day 15. phone. people and their instagrams are still killing me. kind of feel like i need an iphone.

sweetheart braid for valentine's day. inspired by this tutorial. i definitely could have used some help, and i have way too much hair.

i saw something on pinterest so briefly. she braided her hair in 5 small braids and ran a flat iron over the braids. it worked ok...not great but ok. it only got worse after it got snowed on a few times.

month of hair is starting to get a little old. too bad i still have 2 weeks left. anyone have any good ideas i should try?

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  1. Have you tried a side braid? What about a twist that starts small on the side up front by your forehead and picks up hair as it twists back to the nape of your neck? Ooh, what about putting your hair in a ponytail, and pulling the ponytail through (remember that when you were younger? Maybe I'll have to have my sisters demonstrate on my hair. I have 2 hairdressers sisters. They'll have some ideas. I'll try to talk them into doing my hair, recording it and sending you some videos. wow, long comment.


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