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Monday, February 20, 2012

days 16-20

I'm still loving #febphotoaday and I'm pretty sick of #monthofhair

I'm also about to kill blogger. I have been trying to format this post for the last half hour, and I'm giving up. Blogger wins.

day 20. handwriting. not much of that on this day of presidents. keeping track of #febphotoaday and #month of hair

day 19. something i hate to do. get ready for bed. #highmaintenance

day 18. drink. is there really any other kind???

day 17. time. early to rise. kill me now.

day 16. something new. barely worn. can't wait to get back on the road.

regular pony with new felt bows

2nd attempt at casey s from the bachelor. worked better this time.

i don't know why i'm complaining so much about #monthofhair. it seems like for every 4-5 days of #febphotoaday i only have 2 hair posts. still, i'll be happy when the month is over. is anyone else doing #febphotoaday? i'm kind of loving it.

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  1. Hair a different way everyday...yikes! I've had to get creative lately especially if I don't want to wear my bangs down. I like the Casey braid...I'm sad she left because she's was the only one with any style and I love her hair!


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