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Sunday, February 26, 2012

days 21-25

is anyone sick of my #febphotoaday posts? i kind of love it and definitely plan to do #marchphotoaday. now that #monthofhair is almost over, i'm kind of sad and kind of glad. i want to keep trying new things with my hair, but sometimes i just need to wear a messy bun for 3 days in a row.

day 21. fave photo. st. george 1/2 marathon last year...the one where i left my running shoes in slc. oh the memories. #missrunning

day 22. where i work. my desk is generally messier than i prefer but i'm hardly ever in the office to get too stressed about it.

day 23. shoes. it was a dress way down kind of day. love the nike free.

day 24. inside my bathroom cabinet. pretty sure i have too much stuff or need more space.

day 25. green. these trees make me feel like i'm somewhere other than utah.

hair 1. high bun
hair 2. curly. with a diffuser and mouse.
hair 3. high curly pony
hair 4. hard to tell but side french braid into a messy side bun

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