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Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Photos

here are my may photos. these posts are taking forever to format so maybe i'll go back to posting a little more often.
1; peace. friend jenilee posted this

2: skyline

3: something i wore

4: fun. crafting with Bonny is fun

5: bird. wall art

6: you. don't feel like myself without painted nails

7: someone that inspires me. founders of kids on the move

8: smell i adore. I Love Love

9: something i do everyday. get ready

10: favorite word. kid words are my favorite

11: kitchen. right in the middle of shower prep/cakeing fail

12: happy. thousands of people uniting for a cause

13: mom. plus the girls

14: grass

15: love. i might be crazy, but i love hot weather

16: what i'm reading. maxi dress tutorial

17: snack. early morning flight snack

18: something i made. baby gifts

19: favorite place

20:something i can't live without

21: where i stand. tennis court. finally back

22: pink

23: technology

24: something new. manual labor

25: unusual. leaving work early

26: 12:00. roommate Suzie's wedding

27: sweet. easily my new fave

28: weather today

29: a number. 2 by 2:00. please help

30: personality. sometimes my work takes personality tests and hangs it on the wall

31:something beautiful

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  1. Fun pics! I have your "please knock baby sleeping" sign on my door. The women who come to the door always knock and the men, well, usually ring the doorbell. Not too surprising.


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