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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Youth Conference

i spent the weekend with 10 teenagers for our church youth conference. i have honestly been dreading it just a little, but everything worked out so well. the kids were generally well behaved and had a great time. it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

i always freak out about not having enough food so i tend to buy a lot. we did have some food left, but it really wasn't way too much. for some crazy reason i thought i could prep it all myself, but luckily i ended up having a couple helpers.

we spent friday boating at yuba lake. couldn't ask for a better day. the water was like glass almost all day, and the weather was perfect.

by the end of the night saturday, we were all so happy to have everything cleaned up and all kids returned safely home. what a fun/exhausting weekend

this was the sunset on the way home from the lake. perfect ending to a pretty great day.

we definitely worked hard and played hard this weekend. the kids all had a great time, developed friendships with each other, and hopefully learned a thing or two...success.

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