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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Is it ok to recap a weekend when you're practically half way into the next week??? Well, I'm going to.

i finally used the pass of all passes and went to 7 peaks. i already feel like i got my money's worth out of that thing, but i am determined to go some more.

chelsea and fam were in town. i spent nearly every second possible with them. i tried teaching karson to say my name. it resulted in him saying dog sounds.

finally made a few itty bitty baby skirts. find out more on my other blog.

i also went to a wedding reception and hit 7.5 miles on my garmin (some of that might have been walking)

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  1. it was so fun seeing you at 7 peaks! sometime we will have to go together :) Can you still craft next week?


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