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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

blogging the bach 21.still don't know

who's watching-celsey, shawn, alicia, amanda, megan

the show starts with a "rose ceremony". this season has not followed the typical season norms.

raven has the first hometown. she wants to show nick the dirty south. i'm all about southern hospitality and southern charm and all of those things, but i don't know about the dirty south. their date and meeting the family was fine, but i wasn't wowed by it.

rachel's hometown is next. we don't even see the point of watching her date since we know he doesn't pick her in the end. every conversation center around their racial differences. it's 2017. is that the biggest issue?

nick goes to miami and corrine takes him shopping.our jaws dropped multiple times especially at the $3000 bill. corrine tells nick she loves him. they go meet the family including raquel. they see corrine is "happier than she has ever been". corrine seems pretty happy to be winning at this.

vanessa is last.she takes nick to meet her students. vanessa is my fave and this date seems like the most real life. her family is a little skeptical. everyone is afraid she's going to get hurt. her dad finally gives his blessing, but he was very hesitant. her day date was the best, but her family was a little rough. vanessa starts questioning things, and we all wonder if she's ever seen the show. this is how this works.

enough with the to be continued...

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  1. OnDemand only had part 2 yesterday when I went to watch, but it sounds like that was the only part worth watching. I LOVED Vanessa's hometown. I kind of wish she were going to be the next Bachelorette....


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