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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

blogging the bach 21.the season is almost over

who's watching-celsey, shawn(if we're lucky), alicia, amanda, and megan

we all forgot we haven't seen the rose ceremony yet. we also forgot that andi came to the door at the end of last week. nick isn't going to get engaged just because he's the bachelor. somehow i don't really believe him. we have no idea what she is doing there other than to give him permission to enjoy the fantasy suites.

we finally (part of that might have been our fault for too much chatting) get to the rose ceremony. what? he keeps rachel? corrine needs to get home and prepped for paradise.

they fly to finland and the overnight dates start. raven gets the first date. at that point i got up to peel hard boiled eggs. you know things are bad when i'm peeling eggs instead of watching the show. i like raven just fine, but in the words of megan nick looks like he would rather be eating a cheeseburger than listening to raven. the show ends before their date is all the way over.

next week is 3 hours??? is this a joke? we like the show, but 3 hours is completely absurd.

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  1. I'm over it.. I love Vanessa but don't think Nick deserves her. My coworker and I were talking yesterday and had decided that we thought he should just end up with Corinne and that Vanessa should be Bachelorette instead, but I'm guessing that he picks her and that's why she's not...


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