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Monday, February 6, 2017

one little word-february

i started out the year really strong. i was making good progress with all of my goals, and i felt really good about things. my good friend, ana, passed away in the middle of the month, and i took a last minute trip to dallas to attend her funeral services. it pretty much put the brakes on my goals for a couple of weeks.part of choosing the word embrace for the year is really learning to love whatever comes my way in life including a last minute very difficult but amazing at the same time trip. i've been back in town for a week, and i finally feel like i am getting back to normal.
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*nightly gratitude journal-✔
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone-✔-i posted my one year with csatt before and after pictures on facebook and snapchat.
*attend temple 12 times-✔ brenna and i went to the draper temple
*monthly journal-had to do a big catch up last night
*csatt goals-i did the best i could with travel.

*record all spending-i did really well until dallas
*schedule 1 free night each week-
*clean out all clothes and shoes-i barely got started on this. i'm moving this goal to february
i also did the flat tummy tea cleanse in january. it is a 4 week cleanse with a morning and evening tea. you drink the morning tea every single day and the evening on an alternating schedule. i have never been a big tea drinker for i was a little nervous. i actually really like the taste. i also don't tend to retain a lot of water so i didn't necessarily notice huge improvement although overall i really liked it. i like it a lot better than many other cleanses that require drinking and eating odd things or restricting yourself.

*bed by 10pm
*clean out closets
*catch up on blog
*kiss my brave workouts/APF weekly goals/lemon water and acv

how is your year going so far? did you choose a word for the year? link up your posts below.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss :( Prayers!!!

    I also need to be WAY better about going to bed by 10pm.. I'm terrible at it!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! I think you did pretty well in January, all things considered. Good luck this month!

  3. I saw your CSATT pic and I think you did great!


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