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Thursday, May 11, 2017

random april happs

where in the world did the month of april go? the month started with spring break which was awesome and productive. with travel plans at the end of the month, I decided to work the first day of spring break and stay in town to get stuff done-clean my car, room, and closets along with some other things. I finally made the molds to whiten my teeth with smile brilliant. my trays came, and i'm after a few uses I am so impressed. I can't wait to see what my teeth look like when i'm done.

work basically took over the next couple of weeks of the month. between spring break and taking time off at the end of the month to go to California and more cancellations than I think I have ever had, I had to cram a whole lot of work into a little amount of time. by the time the weekends came, all I wanted to do was relax.

I recently received a package from vellabox to try out. it is one of the cutest subscriptions boxes I've ever seen and provided the perfect relaxation I was looking for. their subscriptions range in price to meet various budgets.
Lucerna—$10/month—you receive one ~4oz candle & a "Surprise" gift
Ignis—$20/month—you receive one ~8oz candle & a "Surprise" gift
Vivere—$30/month—you receive one ~4oz candle & one ~8oz candle & a "Surprise" gift
the candles are all natural and are made with organic wax.

i also got an awesome package from woobamboo including eco friendly dental care prodcuts. i kept a toothbrush and floss for myself and sent the others including the kids and dog toothbrushes to friends and family to try out.
the weather in april was, per usual, all over the place, but it is also one of the most beautiful times in Utah. there was one week where Utah was at its price. the sun was pretty shiny. the tulips were in full bloom. it was my favorite.

how was your april? anything exciting?
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