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Monday, May 15, 2017

weekend happs

i randomly found a few unicorn toys at target several months ago. sage loves unicorns, and i knew it would be the perfect addition to whatever birthday gift i found for her. i found some other things and decided to go with a unicorn theme. i was so excited to celebrate her birthday this past weekend.
we met for pedicures in the late afternoon. it was nice to relax a little and have some pampering.
after pedicures we went to tsunami for dinner. sage knows the manager and several of the workers including our server. we had so much fun and probably caused a little bit of a scene.
the gifts were fun. the food was great. the cake was amazing. we had so much fun.
saturday started with a beautiful run. the weather was amazing. the canyon is so green and pretty right now. after running, i went to pure barre's class in the park at lole. i love class in the studio, but class at the park was a fun change. i spent the rest of the day running errands all day long.
sunday was mother's day. i love the chance to celebrate my own mom and all the other amazing women in my life. it is also a bit of a hard day. it is hard for people who don't have and/or can't have children. it can even be hard for people who have chosen not to have children. i spent the day going to church, visiting a friend, chatting with friends, and the other usual sunday things. it was a pretty great day.
how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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