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Monday, May 22, 2017

weekend happs

One of the best things about Utah is people always come here to visit. The weekend included a few out of town visitors. 

Celsey and I got together on Friday to bake for Adam and Alecia's gender reveal party. 
As usual Saturday started out with a run. I have another week or two before I really need to get going on marathon training, but I'm trying to keep a pretty solid base. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had the best day. We got in the mileage we wanted and I feel pretty good heading into official marathon training. 
I finished running just in time to go to Mandi's and meet her mom. She's sassy and hilarious and adorable. I loved meeting her and seeing how much Mandi is like her mom. 

I left Mandi's and got a call to meet up with Jacque. I've missed her the past few times she's been in town so I was so excited to see her this time. We shopped a little and had lunch and got all caught up. I love seeing her any chance we get, and it was great spending the afternoon with her. 
We finished lunch in time to hurry and get ready for the gender reveal party. They did the reveal with fireworks and the rest of us had sparklers for our guesses. It was a lovely night outside. I'm so excited for them and happy to be there to celebrate with them. 
Sunday was busy with the usual Sunday-church, laundry, wash makeup brushes, meal prep routine. My meal prep was took a little longer than I expected but so worth it. I can't wait to eat this week. 
Danielle P snapped this marinade so I used it for a shrimp stir fry. It is so good, and I will definitely make it again. 

How was your weekend? Any exciting happs?


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