Tuesday, September 5, 2017

blogging the bach..in paradise-2 weeks left

For the first week this season, I am mostly caught up. I watched both episodes last week. Even with watching last week, it still takes me a few minutes to remember exactly what's going on.

We missed the first couple of minutes in which Blake showed up with a date card. He has a little bit of a hard time finding a date. While he is trying to find a date, Fred shows up. It seems like Fred hit the gym after Rachel sent him home. Blake, Christin, Fred, and Dominique go on a double date in the ocean. Christin is one mess after another, and things aren't going well for them.

Back at home, everyone is kissing everyone. No one else is coming so the date card goes to someone currently there. Robby and Amanda go on a date and finally seem like more of a couple. 

Everyone comes back and it's almost time for an unexpected rose ceremony. Ben Z leaves to go home to his dog and a few others start scrambling to secure a rose-mostly christin's rose. the dean/d lo/kristina drama finally blows up.

jazmine-tickle monster
christen-jack stone
d lo-dean

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  1. In this episode things seems like to be on track but that's not it, there's whole alot to come as this is just the beginning of the season.

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