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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

blogging the bach 22.8

who's watching: the regular monday night crew minus Amanda who had to work late. Shawn and Rem watched for a few minutes and then left.

Lauren and Becca both meet the family. We were pretty distracted with kids and husbands and whatever else. The bottom line is everyone said they think Becca is a better fit.

Lauren and Arie go to Machu Picchu. They talk about how lucky they are to be there and be with each other. There is a whole lot of love talk and Lauren is sure Arie is picking her. Arie is also pretty sure of that...until the next day.

Becca and Arie have their date and Arie says he is thinking about Lauren-not a good sign. As the date goes on Arie gets more into it and remembers he loves Becca too. She makes him a scrapbook and we're really not sure what he thinks. He doesn't seem totally into it but then tells her his usual I love this. He kisses her against the wall and says good night.

Arie still seems conflicted as he meets with Neil Lane. Chris Harrison reminds us this is the most dramatic and unexpected ending. I didn't purposely read spoilers, but I did hear and then read them. Even if I didn't read them I got an alert on my watch from People News with the spoiler. 

Arie says goodbye to Lauren even though he still loves her. He loves Becca too and proposes to her. Maybe it's because I know what is coming, but he didn't seem as serious about the proposal or as excited as Becca. It doesn't seem like a good sign.

Becca shows up in LA for a happy couple weekend only to find out Arie changed his mind. We spend the next 45 minutes hiding our faces as they show us the unedited version of Arie changing his mind. She asks him to leave multiple times. It seems like he is sticking around waiting for her to say it's ok. It's clearly not ok, and she isn't going to say it is.

The show ends with Becca watching it play back. We are mad really mad.

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  1. Hey

    I just saw this blog for the first time.

    I hadn't heard of The Bach so I was a little bit confused but I guess you learn something new every day.


  2. I didn't stay caught up after the second or third week this season, but I'm totally sitting here watching the finale while I work this afternoon because I want to see this terrible scene for myself.


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