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Monday, March 5, 2018

recent happs 

Something about winter makes me want to hibernate and stay inside. Even though winter has been very mild this year, I still want to hibernate. I also laid low during the olympics and tried to watch as much as possible. Now that the olympics are over and we’re getting closer to spring, I’m getting back to a busier social calendar. 

I went to dinner with Dana, Julia, and Kelci. We’ve been trying to get together for months, and we had the best time reminiscing and catching up. 

The sky has been absolutely amazing lately and my obsession continues. 

Monday night tradition of dinner and Bachelor watching continues. Violet is kind of obsessed with baby Watson and thinks he is her baby. She is pretty cute with him/must be watched carefully. 

I kept things pretty simple for Valentine’s Day. I found these cute buckets at the dollar store and filled them with Hershey hugs and kisses. I got some fun treats from friends and neighbors and had a fun day. 

I still spend my Saturday mornings running with generation gap. It is always a good time with good memories. 

Winter is late this year and has hit a few times with a vengeance. We need the snow so I’m trying to be happy about it. It is beautiful. 

It was my turn to host bookclub. We met at The Chocolate. We talked about the book long enough to know that none of us read it and spent the rest of the night talking about all kinds of other things. We could have stayed all night and then some. 

Pure Barre is looking to change ownership. In the meantime some people are teaching their last classes with hope to continue teaching. April taught a Saturday class. It was packed, full of energy, and so much fun. 

My #anastrong bracelet chain broke a few weeks ago. I was able to fix it, but Bip and Bop offered to replace it for me. I got it back last week, and I’m happy to have it back. Their customer service is amazing, and I highly recommend them. 

Mandi and I went to visit Jessi last week. We called Jen on a whim and she came over. Jessi made vegan cheese sauce with savory steel cut oats, mushrooms and broccoli. It was delicious and such a fun night. We stayed later than planned and could have stayed for many more hours. It filled my heart to spend time with friends I don’t often get to see in person. 

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