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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blogging the Bach 14.2

who's watching:Alicia, Amanda, Celsey, and Whitney. They husbands are working on a doggy door, but if we're lucky we might get a little commentary from them.

Date #1-Group date-We are still trying to figure out who everyone is so we aren't totally sure who is on this date. We know for sure Lincoln is there because he definitely makes himself known. They have somewhat of a repeat of Becca's first date with Arie-Dress up fancy to feel special. That's where the similarities end. The rest of the day date is basically a mud run. Drama starts right off the bat. Lincoln wins the competition. The guys are upset especially Connor who throws their photo into the pool to break it. We aren't impressed with his maturity or lack of. Connor feels embarrassed-as he should. 

Date #2-one one one with Blake-This is Becca's first real date since she was engaged. There's been  a lot of talk about Arie so far. They meet Chris Harrison who greets them with sledge hammers so they can smash all of the things that remind her of Arie. I'm sure it is fun to destroy all the things, but it is a little weird. They have a heart to heart about past relationships. He gets the rose and they kiss and kiss some more. I'm pretty sure he will be in the top 4.

Date #3-Group date-Dodgeball. They're still talking about Arie. Let's all hope this is the last night of this. Leo tries really hard to win for the pink team, but the green frogs kill them. All the guys get to come to the evening. So far there is much less drama on this date. Colton tells Becca he dated Tia. She gets really upset and overwhelmed. We don't think it's that big of a deal. She must have an insecurity about Tia or something. She doesn't trust him which is weird because he told her so early on.

Cocktail party/rose ceremony-Connor does the best thing possible and throws a picture of himself from the group date into the pool. Jordan says I'm going to do more with less. what??? On her podcast, Kaitlyn talked about enjoying Jordan for his comic relief-solid advice. David is not amused and picks a fight with Jordan. She still has issues with Colton.

who's left-date #1 rose, Blake, Wills, Chris R, Jason, John, Clay, Mike, Connor, Leo, David, Garrett, Nick, Ryan, Christon, Jordan, Lincoln, Colton

Word Tally
let's do the damn thing-1-maybe/hopefully this phrase is dying

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  1. I'm glad you think the smashing of things that remind her of Arie is weird.... I feel like you talk about it, sure, but that's going a little overboard and leans more toward an "I'm not over this and ready to move on yet" situation.


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