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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

blogging the bach 14.3

Monday night tradish is on pause tonight while Celsey and Shawn go out to a fancy dinner to celebrate their 7th anniversary and Megan and Rem adjust to life with a new babe. Congrats to everyone! It's an exciting time in the MNT group! The girls at home have a late softball game so I'm watching solo this week.

Before the dates start the guys are all hanging out in the house. Everyone seems pretty calm except David and Jordan. I thought I was going to like David, but he needs to let it go with Jordan. It's not a good look at all.

Group Date #1-massage date with bachelor friends including Tia and Colton because duh we have to see that play out on TV. Becca introduces the girls and guys and forgets Jason's name. Everyone always asks how they remember everyone's names, and they always say they don't. Apparently they do not. The rest is a little chaotic. Dudes massage girls. Girls paint dudes' nails. The main theme is awkwardness because of the Tia/Colton situation or lack of a situation although it is definitely a situation for Becca.
"I've totally moved into David's head. I should be paying rent to that guy"--Jordan after he gets called out for having 4000 matches on Tinder in 2017. 4000 matches? How is that even possible? David feels the need to tell Becca. Has David ever seen the show? It is never good to waste your time talking about someone else. David needs to stop. Becca makes a joke of it, and Jordan takes it a little too seriously. He still thinks this is a competition.
Becca talks to Colton and feels better enough about everything to give him the rose. I hope this is the last we hear of the Colton/Tia sitch.

Date #2-one on one With Chris-Let's Make Your Heart Sing
Chris didn't make the best first impression on me, but he must have with Becca. We will see if this date changes my mind. As I am typing that he opens up about his dad (sad face). They write a song with Richard Marx, and I might just be changing my mind about Chris-maybe. Chris and Becca have a heart to heart about his past and he gets the rose. They dance to a private concert by Richard Marx, and that might be one of the better bachelor musical moments.

Back at the house the ambulance comes and someone leaves on a stretcher. There is talk of a lot of blood and it doesn't sound good. It is hard to tell who it is at first, and then we learn that it's David. He fell out of bed and landed on his face. What is the deal with Jordan winking saying he wouldn't hurt a fly? That creeps me out a little.

Group Date #2-Football date
Clay is loving his life, but some of the other dudes don't know what they're doing. Lincoln is all about winning again. I got distracted during the game. Clay breaks his finger or something and we have ambulance #2. Garrett has some pretty slick moves. After having the first one on one, Blake freaks a little at the group date. He has some time with Becca and calls her his girlfriend. Clay comes back, has some time and kisses with Becca, and the show cuts out. I can't figure out if they didn't air the end due to the political stuff or if my DVR stopped recording. 

I kind of hate that I missed the end, but I was also kind of over watching it. Does anyone watch the Nick/Jared/Dean recaps? They are hilarious and must watch!

We haven't done our brackets for the season yet. It might be getting kind of late. We for sure need to do them. I think Blake and Garrett are my faves for now. Colton is still up there and will likely go far and then end up on paradise with Tia.

I heard from a friend that Mike (is that the name of the other guy with long hair), Ryan, and Clay (because of wrist surgery) went home. The end!

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