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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

blogging the bach 14.4 and 14.5

Week 4-Utah
I went to Celsey and Shawn's for dinner and to help with some stuff at their house. We started watching and realized the DVD isn't recording. We started the DVR and also started watching at the tail end of the date with Wills. He opens up about a past relationship. We miss most of the conversation, but for some reason I am a little surprised when she gives him the rose.

Becca cancels the cocktail party so we really have no clue what has happened tonight.
Roses-Wills, Garrett, Leo, Colton, Blake, John, Chris, David, Jordan, and probably one other person
Who is that cute blonde?-Nick. I am pretty sure we haven't heard a word from him all season, but he's cute. I wouldn't be sad if he went to paradise.

Week 5-Viva Las Vegas
I am watching by myself tonight for various reasons. I am also pretty distracted while watching.

Date #1-one on one with Colton. They ride camels, make out/talk in the hot tub and determine they are on the same page (side note-I'm still not convinced they are on the same page), and go to dinner and drive the strip. "I feel sure of who he is and I really do trust him".--um that makes me nervous. Colton is confident he is falling in love with Becca.

Date #2-group date with everyone except Colton and David and Jordan. Wayne Newton rides up on a horse and Becca tells the guys they are getting the real Vegas experience. I have been to Vegas A LOT, and I have never ridden a horse there. It's time to get creative and write a song for Becca. All the guys sing their songs to Becca, and these dudes probably shouldn't quit their day jobs. These poor guys, but it is also kind of cute how willing they are to embarrass themselves for Becca. Becca says she has some really good connections but also good friendships. I don't know that friendship is exactly what she's looking for. Chris is really confident in his performance and in himself. Garrett continues to prove he is the front runner. Blake says he is falling in love. He is clearly right up there with Garrett. In her interview Becca says she has been falling in love with Blake since the beginning. Blake gets the rose, and Chris is less confident now.

Date #3-two on one-I'm pretty sure we all knew this date would be for Jordan and David. At this point they both need to go, and hopefully they both do. David is excited and confident-never a good sign. Becca starts the date as if it is going to be a great day. Does anyone really think it will be a great day? Valley of Fire is beautiful and a great place for the two on one. David starts out his time talking about Jordan. DON'T DO IT! Has he never seen this show? I kind of feel like he has not. Jordan suddenly gets so serious/angry aggressive. They all come back together and it is as awkward and terrible as expected. Becca says goodbye to David and the smirk on his face is terrible. Jordan has a similar smirt when they get back in the jeep. He spends the rest of the evening talking about himself and being a model and wanting to show his portfolio. He seems more interested in himself than in Becca. He thinks everything is going great and one minute later she does not give him the rose. Jordan did not see that coming which really surprises me. I totally saw that coming. I think we all did.

Cocktail party/rose ceremony-Chris kind of acts like he is the bachelor. He seems to forget he is not the one in charge. He has mentioned going home a few times. It might just be time for that. There's a chance to go out gracefully or to totally make a fool of himself. He seems to be choosing the latter.

Roses-Colton, Blake, Garrett, Jason, Wills, Lincoln, Leo (how is he still there? has he even had one conversation with her?), Connor, Chris.

The previews make us think there will be a lot of people falling in love and more drama to come. I can't wait!

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