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Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Break in California part 1

Ashley, Hudson, my mom and I went to California to visit Chelsea and family for fall break. It has been far too long since we've all seen each other, and we had the best time. I always love spending time with the kids, and it was great to see my mom and sisters too.
We flew in Wednesday morning and spent the day with the little kids while the big kids were at school Kenzie and I played with snapchat and painted nails. 
Kenzie had preschool one morning so mom and I took Hudson on a walk to the park after dropping the kids off at school. 
We got pedicures
The 3 older kids play soccer on Saturday mornings. I felt a little like a soccer mom. Kenzie grabbed 2 sticks and said she was walking like a grandma.
We got out and did some fun things and also spent time doing the normal every day things since they were still in school. 
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