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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fall break in California-part 2

I took way too many pictures to fit into one post so I broke it up a little. 

pictures with all the kids. i realized on Ashley and Hudson's last night I didn't have any pictures with just him.

We made these pumpkin sugar cookies every year growing up. My mom still makes them for co-workers and friends and did it with the grandkids.

all the cousins

We went to the mall and I took Kenzie to play in the play areas.

She was so funny about riding the horse.

Kenzie painted my nails and even did some nail art

We stopped at the outlets for a little shopping on the way to the airport. Kenzie wanted to try on several things..all at the same time.

She grabbed several bags at Old Navy and carried them all around the store.

Even though we were there for almost a week, the time went by way too quickly. I will hopefully be back for Christmas, but it is still so hard to say goodbye.

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