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Thursday, January 3, 2019

NYE 2018

All love holidays at least most of them. New Years Eve isn’t necessarily my favorite holiday, but I do love a good party. Celsey and Shawn hosted us for NYE, and we had a really fun time. 
We made pizzas in Shawn’s pizza oven. We thought it was a really fun idea except the weather was not ideal. Shawn and Adam froze their booties off cooking for us. We had a lot of other yummy appetizers and drinks. 

The martinelli Jell-O shots ended up being more of a funny joke than anything else. The kids liked them at least. 

We toasted the new year at 9pm and planned to call it a night. The kids went to bed and we ended up staying up chatting until after midnight. That makes two years in a row that we plan to call it a night early and end up staying awake past midnight. 

This years celebration was a lot of fun and made me enjoy the holiday. Along with the holiday comes the actual new year. I love the opportunity to set new goals and set myself up for a new year. I like to start by picking a theme word for the year. This year my word is BRAVE!

oNecklace offered a piece of meaningful jewelry. I chose to get a bracelet with my word for 2019. I’m excited to wear this throughout the year to have a daily reminder of my word. 

I also did a vision board for the first time. I did it in the back of my planner so I could look at it often. 

How was your NYE celebration? 
Do you choose a word for the year? 

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