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Monday, January 28, 2019

blogging the bach 23.4


Who's watching: Celsey and Shawn, Amanda, me
We got a late start tonight because #adulting We tried to speed through the show and watch as much as we could.
Date #1-One on one with Tayshia. They had the classic face the fears bungy jumping date. They faced their fears, made out on the beach, and went to dinner. She opens up about being married and Colton looks like he doesn't know what to say. He gives her the rose. I really don't see them together. Does anyone else think it was kind of forced or is that just me?
Date #2-Group date with everyone except Caelynn. Hannah B can't believe and Demi stirs the pot big time. Someone last week (maybe Ben Higgins) described her as a pest. That is very accurate. She definitely likes him more than he likes her, and she has no problem taking all the attention. Between the leeches and pig feet, this date is grossing me out. Hannah is still drama, and apparently Colton and Cassie were siblings in a past life. Hannah spends time with Colton and suddenly everything from last week is in the past. Colton really likes Cassie a lot and not like a sister. Courtney sits and stews all night about why she is getting time with him and then gets into with Demi. Courtney is so upset that she never had time with Colton, but she never even tried.
Date #3-one on one with Caelynn. Colton chooses her for the spoil me/shopping spree date so that says a lot. They have a fun day. She comes home with all of her shopping bags. Some of the girls are so excited and some of the girls are not so much. Caelynn opened about her past history of sexual assault. The show did a really nice job with the edit of this. She was able to open up without any weird music or other weird dramatics. I have had several conversations the past few weeks about sexual assault/abuse. I think the more people open up and talk about their experiences, hopefully the more those feelings of shame and guilt will start to fade away. The #metoo movement has opened up the dialogue, and hopefully more dialogue leads to more awareness. 
Cocktail party/rose ceremony-Hannah G wants to open up which leads to a pretty intense makeout sesh. Caelynn takes Hannah B out to talk. They have a pretty decent talk and maybe the drama is over-probably not but maybe. I didn't actually watch the rest so I have no idea who went home or what else happened. Someone fill me in please.

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  1. OH, you need to go back and watch the end. Demi threw Courtney under the bus and is a real joke!


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