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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

blogging the bach 16.5

*this post contains sponsored content. all opinions are my own.
The NBA finals messed up the bach schedule last week. Celsey and I watched later in the week. I was having some computer problems and didn't get started very quickly. The main points are...
-Luke S left on his own. I knew he would go home, but I was surprised he left on his own.
-the group date was way better than last week
-ALLLLL the conversation with Luke P was exhausting and so bizarre. Why did that date continue to go on? It was painful to watch. Please send him home and get him signed up for therapy. I am actually serious about this. This stint on national TV is not going well for him, and it really seems like he has some stuff he needs to work out. Speaking of therapy, have you ever been to therapy? Or thought about it but didn't even know where to start? This article is the perfect place to start. It includes frequently asked questions, basic info, help on finding a therapist, and much more.
-the previews for next week look like a whole lot more drama
-our brackets are pretty well dead at this point. It's bad and also really funny.

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