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Monday, June 3, 2019

spontaneous girls getaway to St. George

Bonnie sent a message out that she needed to get away and clear her head and wondered if anyone wanted to come. It is very rare that I can leave town with a couple of day’s notice. It so happened that my schedule allowed it and so did Sarah’s. It was a much needed weekend for us all. We laid by the pool, relaxed, and did whatever we wanted. 

We all showed up with black and white stripes. My Hey June Kya necklace is somehow missing from the photo. 

Dylan was already in St. George and joined us for dinner. 

Sarah brought masks and other skincare things for us to do. We laughed our heads off and our skin felt so good. 

I got to visit grandpa and grandma at their house. I didn’t know before the weekend, but this ended up being grandma’s last few days at home before moving into The Meadows. It was a tender experience to be with them. 

We saw a movie, enjoyed nature, and generally relaxed and had fun. It is very rare that I allow myself to be spontaneous. It was well worth skipping out on whatever else I had planned that weekend. A weekend away with good friends is always a good idea. 

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