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Monday, August 12, 2019

blogging the paradise 6.2

Monday night tradish as well as Tuesday night watching was on pause last week. I didn't blog for a few reasons, but the bottom line is I didn't blog week 1 of bach in paradise. 

We can sum up week 1 in a few short words-Blake is in a mess. That was the majority of both episodes. Blake looked pretty bad until he released the text conversations. That may or may not have been a good option, but it didn't make Caelynn look great. Either way we are all hoping this week includes less Blake drama. We also didn't get a rose ceremony last week even though we had 2 episodes. 

Week 2-Monday night tradish is on pause for another week. Summer is busy and there's a lot going on. Celsey and I are watching, but the usual crew isn't here.

We start with the rose ceremony. There aren't really any solid couples yet. Guys have the roses, and 3 girls have to leave. Bibi, Jane, and Annaliese go home. Anneliese was pretty surprised, but the other two didn't seem too surprised. Bibiana is my fave, and I'm sad she's gone.

Everyone is hanging out having a good time, and Jordan walks in. He spends forever trying to figure out how to take on his date and finally lands on Nicole. The best part of this date was Jorge coming in on a zipline. I am still surprised Nicole went on the date after her time with Clay. 

Blake injures his toe on the the beach. Cam wrote a poem for Caelynn and it was so embarrassing. Mike walks in, and all the girls in paradise have their eyes on Mike. Cam is not thrilled. He makes the rounds and everyone wants to go on a date with him. Nicole comes back and Clay jumps on that. Caelynn and Mike go on a date, and Cam is not going to be happy. 
What is happening with Wills and Katie? She is crying and making no sense. She talks to Chris B and  things all of a sudden make sense to her. He tells her the same things she hears from Wills but she is here for it. 
Hannah and Dylan are spending all the time together but Blake is still hung up on Hannah. He takes Hannah away to spend a little time with her. Dylan can't take it anymore so he comes out to settle things with Blake. Dylan confronts Blake, he walks away, and then Blake carries on with Hannah.
Dylan goes back the group. To be continued.

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