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Monday, August 26, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.week 4

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista and Alexis and Brian left before we started watching.

Tayshia talks to JPJ and basically tells him she isn't that into him by telling him to go on a date with someone else if he wants. He takes her advice and goes on a date with Tahzjuan. They have a dinner date and he either pukes or gets pretty close. 

Demi talks to Caelynn and tells her to be careful so she decides to have a serious conversation with Dean. He isn't really interested in a long term relationship and she is sad. 

Haley comes and is ready for someone goofy. She takes JPJ. They seem to be having fun, and Tahzjuan is back at the beach having a total melt down. They get home and have the most awkward conversation ever. Tahzjuan is so possessive even though they only went on one date last night. 

The cocktail party starts and everyone is trying to figure out who is getting and giving roses. Meanwhile JPJ is on the beach doing cartwheels. Dean brings the whole crew and a birthday cake to Caelynn. Derek tells Tayshia he wants to get out of the friend zone. Katie tells Chris she wants him and Chris says he doesn't know yet. 

It the 3rd rose ceremony and the guys have the roses this week.
Blake--Kristina (I hope this rose helps you find the person you came here to find)
After the rose ceremony, Dean says he needs to talk to Caelynn...

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