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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

blogging the bach 16. the finale part 2

who's watching-Celsey and a little time with Shawn

I have a confession..I read the spoilers. I couldn't deal with Luke and needed to know how long he would be around. Finding that out meant I found out everything else too. With all the drama and news about Jed and his girlfriend, I couldn't really avoid them.

I don't have a lot to say about the beginning of the episode. Tyler and Jed pick out rings. Hannah doesn't think she can do it. She tells her car to pull over, and she trips in the middle of the road. She chooses Jed and gets engaged. Of course, he had his guitar for the proposal. I can't even take this seriously because of the girlfriend situation.

Hannah finds out about Jed's girlfriend from the People article. Jed comes to talk to Hannah. He has a lot of excuses and down plays things with the girl. She tries over and over to tell him he should be honest. He says he wants to be better for her, and she takes off the ring. 

Hannah sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him/us she is no longer with Jed. He comes out and starts with an apology. He says he regrets his decisions. She says thank you for the apology and tells him she hopes he finds the version of himself that she fell in love with. He still loves her but she doesn't love him anymore. 

Tyler comes out. Hannah is giddy. He is pretty giddy too. They agree to see what is going to happen. 

The previews for paradise look like a whole lot of tears. I can't wait. 

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