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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.1

Things have obviously been really quiet around here. Stating the obvious feels a little unnecessary, but for some reason I do it anyway. Now more than ever I should have the time to catch up on things, but for some reason it just isn’t happening. This show is just the motivation I need to get back to blogging.
Who’s watching: Again stating the obvious, I am watching alone. Thank you #socialdistancing

I wasn’t really sure I was going to watch this show. As much as I love all of the bachelor shows, we really enjoy a Monday night break from a show to catch up on chat time. Now that we are all stuck at home, there is no reason not to. So, here we are.

A few minutes into the previews I already know I am going to like this show. It seems like a mix between paradise and bachelor and a singing show. 
Brandon-Yay! We have someone older than 20 years old.
Bri-the token Utah girl
Sheridan-drives his Subaru a lot..and maybe lives there (Dean the 2nd??)
Bekah-musical theater and deserves love
Cade or Gabe-sports, music, faith, and ready for love..sounds great
Savannah-Nashville, yoga, free spirit
Trevor-is he or is he not like Jed? Jacket says yes
Jamie-ready to listen to her heart and not be with a cheater on this journey

Ryan-comes in after Jamie-hopes to be alone with her for a while (does he know where he is?)
Matt-singer songwriter stuff
Mel-really shy when it comes to dudes
Rudi-has dated all of LA already at 24
Michael-we’ll have to see how her voice sounds and comes in and starts singing right away
Josh-young jacked Mr. Clean

Everyone comes in. Jamie comes first and already feels butterflies with Ryan-3 seconds after she gets there. They start to meet each other and some quickly try to couple up a little. 
Chris Harrison comes in and welcomes everyone, tells them how it all works, and send them to their rooms. They come back and all the guys are working it to find a girl. The hot tub is getting hot, and I like the musical addition to this show. 

Date #1-Ryan gets the first date-choose someone who makes your heart sing. He naturally chooses Jamie and Trevor wishes he got the date. The singing starts right away, and they feel like they have an immediate connection. 

Date #2-Hey there Matt-choose a woman who could be your jam. Rudi definitely thought she was going on the date, but he picked Mel instead. They walk into a backyard Plain White Ts concert and that’s about all we saw.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Julia kisses Josh as Sheridan comes to find her. He wrote a song for her, and one minute later she is kissing him. Matt seems to have no idea what he did to upset Rudi. Jamie and Ryan really like each other, but Trevor (in the Jed jacket) also really likes Jamie. He plays one of his favorite songs, and now she is very confused.
The girls have the power.
Someone i don’t know (Bekah)-Danny

Week 1 and I’m in. Now I just want to know what happens. Someone stop me from looking up spoilers. 

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