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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.3

Watching the bach or anything else for that matter without my crew is not nearly as fun. I do enjoy the show, but it would definitely be a lot more fun watching with everyone. 

Sheridan is still super into Julia. It doesn’t necessarily seem like she is into him. Brandon pulls her aside to explain himself. I don’t really care for his whole situation. Thankfully Chris Harrison comes in to switch things up and tell everyone that everything is changing. No one else is coming in, and it is time to focus on love. People need to figure it out and either commit to moving forward as a couple or pack their bags and go home. 
Julia tells Savannah what’s been going, and she seems a little like a pot stirrer. Gabe tells Savannah he only wants to be there with her, and the pot is definitely stirred. Gabe and Ruby both leave. Brandon convinces Savannah to stay on this journey with him. The agree to be honest with each other and we will see how that goes. Sheridan is fine will all of it, and is excited to continue things with Julia. Is anyone else concerned here?
Now it’s time fo the couples to sing. Everyone starts practicing. Some are good and some are struggling. Julia is still struggling. 

Date #1-Bekah and Danny-To be your best you have to look your best. They shop for new fancy clothes and end in the hot tub. Danny really likes Bekah and she takes longer to get there. 

Julia is still worried about Savannah and Brandon and isn’t ok with them. She needs to talk to Savannah and tells her she is not being genuine. Who knows what is really going on with Savannah and Brandon, but it is weird how much time Julia spends worrying about it.

Date #2-Ryan and Natascha 
They seen Chris Lane perform and who knows what else happened on their date besides singing on stage with Chris Lane. Natascha sees them becoming more and more connected and Ryan feels like she is the other half of what he is looking for. 

The couples meet with the musical director and band and start practicing. Rudy and Matt are doing better. Jaime feels a lot of pressure and gets so nervous. She walks off crying. 

Performance day-The judges are not only looking for the best performance but also the connection. 
Rudy and Matt-Rudy can sing! All of their feedback was good.
Bri and Chris-Bri is worried their chemistry might not show, and I have no idea why. Kesha asks how they feel about each other and Bri says she can confidently say she is falling in love with him. 
Bekah and Danny-I feel like this is the first episode we have even seen these 2. I am not sure what to think of them and it seems like the judges aren’t sure either. 
Savannah and Brandon-I don’t have a lot of thoughts about them except that I want Julia to stop talking about them. 
Julia and Sheridan-I don’t really know what is going on with these two, but their performance was really good. The judges see more chemistry than we have seen so far on this episode. 
Natascha and Ryan-I wasn’t too sure wha to expect from them. I was very surprised. It was really good, and I think they might actually like each other.
Jaime and Trevor-Jaime has been freaking out. She is young and maybe doesn’t have as much experience as other on stage-maybe who knows. They get really good feedback and everyone wants to make Jamie feel love

Bekah and Danny go home. They way they do the roses this season is interesting. The people that leave are the last ones left and there is no one left to say goodbye to. 

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