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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.4

I already know there is going to be some drama this week. Watching the day after the show airs means I hear a little even if I am not trying to. As short as this season is I am trying to avoid spoilers. 

We’re less than 5 minutes in and Chris Harrison tells them he is putting their relationships to the test. People are going on dates with others besides their partners. Let the drama begin.

Rudi and Chris are on a date and clearly just friends. Chris tells Rudi how into Bri he is, and Rudi is totally worried about what is happening with Matt. They go back to the house and straight to Bri and Matt. 

Jamie and Ryan have a spa day. We see almost nothing of their date, and it seems like it is not noteworthy at all. 

Brandon and Julia are at the Roxy writing music. For all she has said about Sheridan, she doesn’t seem to care about that right now. Julia said it would be a disservice if they don’t pursue it. That’s not exactly the word I would use to describe this situation. They sing together and Julia says she wants to end up with Brandon. They get back and she has no regrets. She comes back knowing what she wants to do, but then she can’t just tell Sheridan. She finally kind of says it and he walks away. She doesn’t want him to walk away so he comes back to talk a little more. I’m pretty done with the Julia storyline, but I am pretty sure it is not over. Sheridan leaves, and I feel like she is going to have some regrets about that. 

Brandon asks Savannah for some private time. He tells Savannah he and Julia both have feelings for each other. He then basically blames her for all of this. She tells him she can’t do this. He is kind of mean. She walks away. He searches for her and tells her he wants to choose her. The whole thing is not great, and they should both probably leave. 5 minutes after Savannah leaves Brandon tells Julia he is choosing to do this with her. 

Chris Harrison comes in to tell them the next thing they are doing is singing together again. They get their song assignments. Brandon is not excited about their song. Julia is much more optimistic about it. They are not on the same page, and they’re kind of a mess. Natascha tells Julia she asked Brandon about Savannah and that he would have stayed with her if she stayed. While that might be true, it’s kind of mean girl to say that right before a performance. 

Rudi and Matt-wow! They can sing, and they sound really good together.
Jamie and Trevor-Jaime was so nervous and it showed in their performance. 
Bri and Chris-Lover was the perfect song for them. Their performance was so good. Their chemistry is so good. Bri whispered to Chris that she loves him. He didn’t hear it so she told the audience (and him). He responded he loves her too. It was so genuine and sweet, and they continue to be the it couple. 
Julia and Brandon-awkward
Natascha and Ryan-that was a big performance! Everyone loved it.

The final roses go to Jamie and Trevor which means Julia and Brandon go home. Julia is so mad. She feels like she deserves to be there. I don’t know why she thinks she deserves it more than anyone else. She blames it on Brandon and Natascha. Does she forget what she did to Sheridan one day before? It’s not a pretty exit, but they are gone. 

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