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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Blogging the Bach...Listen to Your Heart 1.5

This week’s episode can be summed up with one thing..Holy crap Rudi and Matt can sing! The end

I usually blog while I watch the episode, and this week I did not. I was busy doing other things at the beginning. I kept meaning to sit down and actually type, but it never happened. Rather than a recap of the episode, here are my thoughts.

-Rudi and Matt are my faves! Their voices sound so good together. I have rewatched their performance several times because it was that good. I really want it to be available on Apple Music, but I did find out it is on you tube. I am low key obsessed with it, and I really hope they make some post show music together. 
-Still on the topic of Rudi and Matt..I think he does really like her. Their relationship is the most real of all bachelor relationships in that he is not falling in love in 3 days. It is a slow burn, and I am crossing my fingers they can figure it out. I am nervous though. He was on a few interviews this week saying his biggest regret of the whole show was his response when Rudi told him she was falling for him. We can all agree it was pretty bad. 

-Bri and Chris are predictable. I have liked them all season. They are clearly very very into each other. Their performance was fine. It started out kind of boring and picked up towards the end. They sound good together. The wedding was a little bit of an eye roll. I don’t know. It seemed a little too cheesy, but they seemed to love that date so I guess it was fine. 

-Jamie is very young, and it shows. I can’t tell if Trevor really likes her or knows he is sort of stuck with her and might as well roll with it. Either way, I don’t really care much about them. They are fine. Their performance was their best one yet.

-Ryan and Natascha has a rough week. It was pretty obvious they were going home.  

It is crazy that there is only one week left of this show. I am excited to see how it ends and also a little sad that it is ending. 

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