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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.6

Since this show is only 6 episodes I had every intention of being spoiler free. I didn’t look up any of the people on the show on social media. I haven’t read Reality Steve or looked at any of the spoiler accounts..until Monday. Watching on Tuesday has been fine until the finale. I just really wanted to know what happened. I saw the start of a spoiler story on Instagram. I knew what I was getting by watching the rest of the story. I had some pretty good guesses of what was going to happen, and I didn’t really want to wait another day to see. I don’t really know what that says about me and my patience, but here we are.

The episode starts out with everyone traveling to Nashville. Chris and Bri and Trevor and Jaime are so excited and so happy. Matt and Rudi but mostly Matt are so awkward. Things are not good. They see Christ Harrison and get the plans for the week-2 songs and a date with a fantasy suite. They get their song assignments. The 2 solid couples are so happy about their songs. Rudi is fake happy about their songs, and Matt says nothing. 

People start practicing and Rudi and Matt aren’t even pretending they are singing. Matt tells Rudi he doesn’t think he can get to the same place as the other couples. He wants to be true to himself. Rudi is understandably so upset. She cries and cries. I don’t know if it’s quarantine, tired, or what, but I cry right a long with her. I am actually genuinely sad. I am not sure what the bigger issue is-Matt giving up on something before giving it a full chance or my reaction to a TV show. Rudi and Matt leave, and I am still sad. 

The other couples have their final dates. Jamie is falling more and more in love with Trevor and Trevor is falling more and more for Jamie. Chris and Bri have been so solid the whole time. Bri starts talking like maybe they aren’t as solid as we have all thought. A few minutes later they get the fantasy suite card and decide not to go. They don’t want to compromise what they have. It seems like they are both on the same page and we are back to thinking they are solid like they’ve been. 

Who knows what is really going on with Bri and Chris. It seems like they are trying to throw us off that they are having problems. It seems like it might be an editing trick. The performances start and they continue to make use think Bri and Chris are having problems. No one is buying it. Unless something happened that we didn’t get to see, they are nervous but otherwise fine.

Jamie and Trevor perform first. It is the best we have seen from them. I still don’t think they will win. I also don’t think they are still together. I didn’t read any spoilers on that, but I just don’t see it lasting. 

Bri and Chris are up next. Once they get on stage, they seem totally fine. They sound good together. They are in love. The win the whole thing.

In conclusion, Bri and Chris are cute and sound good together. I listened to their album today, and it was really good. I am still sad that Rudi and Matt left. I want to hear them sing more, and I am hopeful based on their interviews and social media posts that we will hear them sing together. Rudi released a new single the night of the finale. It’s really good, and she’s no dummy. Overall, I really enjoyed this show. It was the perfect quarantine show, and I’m sad it’s over. I also wish there would have been some time of virtual reunion show.

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  1. Chris Harrison shared a post on Twitter today that Bri and Chris are still together, Matt and Rudi are trying to work things out again, and Trevor and Jamie aren't together and Jamie wouldn't say no to being on Bachelor in Paradise.


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