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Monday, March 19, 2012

5 little confessions

a while back i did a 5 confessions post. you would think it would be a little embarrassing, but i actually kind of loved it. maybe i'll start doing this more regularly.

confession #1...i almost cut these bangs last time i got my hair done. i've been thinking about it ever since. should i do it? it will grow fast if i hate it, right?!?

rachel from the bach via google images

confession #2...i only stepped foot in the gym once last week. ever since my last physical therapy session, my hip has been bugging bad. i decided to more or less take the week off. my hip feels slightly better but i feel like a fat lard. back at it starting tomorrow.

confession #3...celsey and i have been making so many cakes lately that there's been no time for any other crafts. we spent the entire day crafting with her mom yesterday, and i didn't take a single picture. #bloggerfail

confession #4...i thought wearing a hair accessory every day would be so easy. #monthofhairaccessories is kind of killing me. i kind of can't wait until it's over. i'm not a quitter so i'll keep doing it, but i might not be so happy about it.

confession #5...i joined the twitter bandwagon way after the fact. at first i just followed celebs and mommy bloggers. i'm kinda starting to love it. follow me @aubreyzaruba

that's all for now. do you have any confessions? link up

1 comment:

  1. Blogging. Tweeting. What's next?

    You and Celsey need to start a cake business (or at least charge peeps for your time). You might not be doing anything ever again at the rate you're making these cakes :)


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