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Monday, March 12, 2012

most awkward season yet...bachelor recap

in what can only be described as the most dramatic awkward season/proposal/after the final rose yet, season 16 of the bachelor finally came to an end tonight. i've never been one to read the spoilers on anything. i like to find out what happens as it unfolds, but this season someone told me the end result pretty early on. i spent the whole season wishing i didn't know. why did i keep watching? i still have no idea.

ben has basically known since courtney showed her not so lady parts that he was going to pick her. he's awkward with the girls (or women as he likes to call them), and never seems to know how to emotionally respond to things like i had an eating disorder, i'm falling in love with you, how many kids do you want. his responses are seriously so painful to watch. again, why do i watch?

due to unforseen circumstances, bachelor monday hasn't happened the past couple weeks. this show is way more fun to watch with people. bonny planned a bachelor viewing tonight. co-worker michelle came along. we had tons of yummy food and lots to say about the show.

my final consensus...this season has been super awkward. i never really liked ben, but i can't seem to stop watching. the proposal was one of the most awkward things i have ever seen. watching for the second time was even worse. i'm not even a little bit sad that this season is over. until may...

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  1. awkward is right. I'm glad it's over. Thanks for coming to the party! we'll do that more often for sure.


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