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Monday, March 5, 2012

march days 1-5

maybe one day soon i'll blog about something else, but until then, here are days 1-5 of  #marchphotoaday.

day 1: up. sun shining through the cloudy sky above the snowy mountains.

day 2: fruit. leftover bananas from playgroup snacks for the little tykes. banana bread anyone?

day 3. my neighborhood. view of the west side of the east side at night. didn't spend any daylight hours in my neighborhood.

day 4: bedside
day 5: smile. this temperature makes me smile. #readyforspring
still loving this photoaday business. other than taking pictures, i've been working lots, helping nettie move out, looking for a roommate, making cakes and other crafts, and basically running my crazy busy head off.

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