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Sunday, March 11, 2012

she got a new roommate

rommate nettie got a new roommate husband on friday. my emotions have been all over the place. i am so happy for her. she found the nicest guy (i hope there's at least one nice one left) ever. the way he treats her makes me smile. he's been all about her from day 1. it's really cute.


i'm a little sad too. (is it ok for me to admit i'm a little sad all over the internet?). i met nettie and her family 9 years ago. we (along with her sisters who are now married) have been roommates for 8 years. that's a long time. you really get to know someone in 8 years. her family is amazing. they have included me in their family from the beginning. her mom introduces me as her adopted daughter. the thought of not living with a martin makes me a little (ok maybe a lot) teary.


just because i don't live with any of them doesn't mean i'm getting kicked out of the family. i spent practically the whole weekend with the family and loved every second of it. her mom said she would make my wedding cake just like she has all the other kids. they all asked if i was going to do the traditional martin food at my reception, and uncle rick even said he would make the drink.

even though i might have cried a few tears over not living with nettie anymore, i am mostly just happy. happy that she found someone that has been in love with her since day 1 who treats her like a queen. i'm extra happy that their new place is only 2 blocks away. congrats to the happy couple!

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