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a little more beauty time-skin care

i remember being in my mid 20s and wondering why my skin was worse then than it had been in years. i was a pretty lucky teenage in terms of skin. i didn't have a lot of break outs or anything to complain too much about so i was surprised when my skin got worse as an adult.

Surprising Causes of Adult Acne
By Heather Brown

You know what’s surprising? Waking up with a face full of breakouts….as a grown adult. It’s annoying and embarrassing, too. We thought our days of pubescence and teenage insecurities were long behind us. But, you know what, don’t sweat it. It’s actually more common among adults than you think. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, over half of women over 25 still experience acne woes.
The other reason you need not worry is that there are ways to prevent it, especially since the nature of acne in adulthood is different than that of our youth. In our teens, our acne was controlled primarily by a flux of hormones and, honestly, genetics. Hormones can still play a role as an adult, but external causes are more of an influence--which, thankfully, we can control. Some of the causes you may be practicing unknowingly. The things that cause oil build-up and that clog your pores might surprise you. So here’s a compilation of 8 surprising contributors of adult acne:

Cell Phone Bacteria

A big culprit is your dear little cell phone! These screens accumulate germs from oil, cellular debris, makeup, and dirt throughout the day. Think about it. All the bacteria that transfers from your fingers jumps to your face and vice versa. This contributes to bacteria and oil on your face and can exacerbate the skin of the acne-prone. A concentrated area of acne called acne mechanica can also occur when you have a phone pressed against your face, trapping oil and sweat for an extended period of time. You can try hands-free talking as often as possible to prevent this. Also, it’s a great idea to sanitize your smartphone at least once a day--an antibacterial wipe or damp microfiber cloth will do the trick.
Facial Hair Removal

I’ve definitely experienced this one first hand when I’ve gotten my brows waxed. Sometimes with the removal of hair follicles, you send acne-causing bacteria and dead skin deep into your now empty pores. So with your waxing, tweezing, depilatory creams, or shaving, use non-comedogenic cleaning products before and after hair removal. Oh, and refrain from touching, however tempting; the oils on your fingertips don’t help. When the skin becomes rash-like and itchy where you’ve removed hair, it’s different than true acne and just a temporary irritation of the hair follicles. You can apply a layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream afterwards to clear it up.

Your Significant Other

This one might surprise you. Ever heard of consort acne? It is acne that occurs through sharing skin contact. Gel from his hair or oils can transfer to your skin. He can be a hero and use non-comedogenic (formulated not to block pores) and oil-free hair products to save the day. Also, if your man has a beard, first of all, congrats; rugged men are hot. Second of all, he might be giving you some skin trouble. The friction of the scruff against your face stimulates oil production and can cause breakouts. Watch out for beard burn, too. You can pamper the both of you by massaging coconut oil in his beard to reduce the prickly friction.

Actually, is anyone surprised by this? What we ingest affects everything in our bodies, including our skin health. It has been found that carbohydrates with a high glycemic index predispose you to acne. Foods with high glycemic index are bread, pasta, rice, and sugary foods. Counteract this by eating less of those foods and more avocados (for their essential fatty acids), fruits, vegetables, and minimally processed foods. Also, changing your diet drastically can affect your skin. Something to keep in mind.


When we’re traveling, we’re experiencing different humidity levels, a different environment, and different weather patterns. Our skin’s oil production is not acclimated to these changes, so it may cause some breakouts. Also, hard water from different places may contain chemicals that your skin is unaccustomed to. It can also leave a mineral residue that will dry out the skin and cause oil-production. Try washing your face with bottled water if you can.

Of course, stress. We knew this from high school--prom, anyone? Stress hormones increase cortisol production, which then increases oil production and clogs pores. Even the good stressors, like getting married or a positive life change can exacerbate the skin. What a betrayal on your big day! Handle your hormones during stressful times with with breathing exercises, yoga, or positive mantras.

Hair Products
We spritz hair products all around our face or lather up with moisturizing conditioners on the daily. The silicone and synthetics are pore-clogging and are also just fillers, causing, you-guessed-it, acne. This special form of acne is pomade acne, and it occurs mostly along the hairline or where your bangs touch your face. The key again is non-comedogenic products.

Skincare Products
This one can be most surprising of all, especially seeing that these products are meant to protect your skin or keep it from aging. But, even acne-reducing products can increase acne when used in combination with one another, or if switched too rapidly. Your skin needs four to six weeks to adjust to a certain chemical combination. Avoid sebum-controlling products. Your skin’s natural balance can be disturbed, causing oil excess and acne aggravation. Try to find natural products to use on your face.

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*i received compensation and product in exchange for this post. all opinions are my own.

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