Thursday, June 8, 2017

beauty time Thursday-May empties

I ran out of quite a few staples items in May. Sometimes it feels like all the staples run out at the same time although I usually have a stockpile of these staple items. 
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap-the best soap ever
Baths and Body Works body cream-also the best. Anytime I try something else I always come back to this. 
Dove spray deodorant-I switched to spray a while ago. It works just as well and doesn't get all over my clothes. The scent is very mild which I like. Side tip-use it on your feet with flats/heels. 
Whole Foods foaming hand soap-not my favorite 
Amika dry shampoo-smells so so so good. Love having this in my rotation. 
Batiste tropical dry shampoo-one of my fave brands and scents
Intuition razor refills-I go through several of these each month. It's the only way to shave. I used a regular razor a couple of months ago and cut myself 3 times. 
Mary Kay velocity moisturizer-love how light this is. Admittedly I don't use a lot of face moisturizer but I'm trying to do better. 
Sebastian hairspray-just ok
Clinique eye cream-love
Bleeding lips secret liner-clear lip liner that I LOVE
Pink gel coat-LOVE 

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