Sunday, October 29, 2017

Random Rambling-Being a Doormat+Giveaway 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a random ramblings post. I have plenty of things to ramble about, but I’ve been focusing on other things. 

Do you ever feel like a doormat-you know walked all over? Maybe it’s one person walking all over you all the time or maybe you feel like everyone walks all over you. It’s easy to put the blame on others. Other people are treating me this way rather than taking responsibility for our own actions and feelings. We can’t necessarily change the way people treat us, but we can change our response. Maybe you like being a doormat, but if you don’t, you can change the way you respond. The best thing I’ve learned the past little while is no one makes me feel a certain way. I get to choose how I feel, react, and handle every single situation. Enough rambling for now. Speaking of doormats, I’ve partnered with Madison at Main to giveaway an actual doormat. These rugs are high quality and durable. You can get the same one I got below or one of your choice. The giveaway is easy-leave your email below to enter. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified by November 6.

Giveaway sponsored by Madison at Main 


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