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Monday, October 2, 2017

September happs

September was full of lots of fun with friends.
twinning with ReNae on a Saturday morning

Pure Barre and Albion Fit hosted a pop up class at City Creek. It was a beautiful evening and so nice to be outside.

We had a work training on Tiffany’s birthday so I brought a treat and had a birthday sash for her. We celebrated that night with dinner and photo shenanigans at Gateway.

Danielle came to town to visit with family. She had a free evening for dinner. We had the best night catching up and laughing and even played a little trivia.

Some friends made plans to go to the unicorn magic dance party. I bought a ticket and kind of forgot about it. I almost didn’t go, but i didn’t want to miss a night with my friends. We had such a fun time, and I’m so happy I went.

Fall is here. The leaves are turning and it’s beautiful. I was surprised to see so many beautiful flowers. It felt like spring.
Sage, Michelle, Tiffany, and I went to Lantern Fest. It was amazing to see all of the lanterns light up the sky. We spent a lot of time waiting in line for food which led to a lot of laughs and a lesson that next time we will bring our own food.

Andrea leaves on her mission this week so we had a breakfast to send her off. It’s always great to see my running friends off the road.

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