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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wear it Wednesday-Warm Fall

We are having the most beautiful fall weather. The mornings and evenings are a little cool, and the afternoons are warm and sunny. Layers have been the key to dressing for the weather. 

I went to Boise a couple of weeks ago knowing the weather was similar to SLC but also knowing it could change to winter any second. I packed clothes with layers, and it was perfect. 

Cardigan/button down-Gap outlet. Skirt-Target. Booties-Toms from Nordstrom 

I packed tights thinking it might be a little cold. The ripped while I was putting them on, and luckily it was warm enough without them. 

I know I’ll be bundled up in winter clothes soon enough, but for now I’m enjoying these warm fall days. 

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